Baptist Writings

Baptist Theologies

A Body of Doctrinal Divinity, John Gill (1767)

A Body of Practical Divinity, John Gill (1770)

A Complete Body of Practical and Doctrinal Divinity, John Gill (1810, Abridged)

A Manual of Theology, John Dagg (1858-1859)

Abstract of Systematic Theology, James Petigru Boyce  (1887)

Systematic Theology, Augustus Hopkins Strong (1889)

Confessions of Faith:

1st London Baptist Confession (1644)

     See a digital version *here.

1st London Baptist Confession (1646)

     See a digital version *here.

2nd London Baptist Confession (1677/88)

     See a digital version here.

     See Spurgeon's revision here.

     See a modern English edition here.

A Short Confession (1697, Benjamin Keach)

New Hampshire Confession of Faith (1835, 1844, 1853)

Abstract of Principles (1858)

Baptist Faith and Message (2000)

     See the BF&M1925, 1963, and 2000 compared here.

The following confessions can be found in McGlothlin and Underhill (linked below):


An Orthodox Catechism (1680)

     See a note about online versions here.

The Baptist Catechism (~1694)

     See a digital version *here.

     See John Piper's adaptation here.

The Child's Delight... (~1702, Benjamin Keach)

Instructions for Children... (1763, Benjamin Keach).

*A Puritan Catechism (~1855, Charles H. Spurgeon)

The Baptist Faith and Message (2000) Catechism (2007)

Other Baptist Catechisms can be found *here at Reformed Reader.

Church Covenants:

Covenant of the Broadmead Baptist Church, Bristol, England (1640)

Covenant of the Baptist Church in Leominster, Herefordshire, England (1656)

Swansea Baptist Church Covenant (Rehoboth, MA) (1663). See also here.

Covenant of First Baptist Church, Boston MA (1665)

Covenant of Seventh Day Baptist Church, Newport, RI (1671)

Covenant of Amersham Six-Principle Baptist Church (England) (1675)

Covenant of Hitchin Baptist Church (England) (1681)

Covenant of Kittery Baptist Church, Kittery, Maine (1682)

Covenant of Pinners Hall Seventh Day Baptist Church, London, England (1686)

Covenant of Benjamin and Elias Keach (1697)

Covenant of Great Ellingham Baptist Church, Norfold, England (1699)

Covenant of Piscataway Seventh Day Baptist Church, Piscataway, New Jersey (1705)

Covenant of Baptist Church at Bourton on the Water (England) (1719-20)

Covenant of First Baptist Church, Newport, Rhode Island (1727)

Covenant of Unnamed Baptist Church (1732)

Covenant of Tulpohokin Baptist Church, Berks County, Pennsylvania (1738)

Covenant of Chestnut Ridge Baptist Church, Chestnut Ridge, Maryland (1742)

Covenant of Middleborough Baptist Church, Middleborough, MA (1756)

Covenant of Grassy Creek Baptist Church, Grassy Creek, North Carolina (~1757)

Covenant of Baptist church at Caerleon, Wales (1770)

Covenant of Kiokee Baptist Church, Kiokee, Georgia (~1771)

Covenant  of Meherrin Baptist Church, Lunenburgh County, Virginia (1779)

Covenant of New Durham Baptist Church, New Durham, New Hampshire (1780)

Covenant of New Road Baptist Church, Oxford, England (1780)

Covenant of Cherokee Creek Baptist Church, Washington County, North Carolina (1783)

Covenant of Bent Creek Baptist Church, Bent Creek, Tennessee (1785)

Covenant of Baptist Church in Horse Faith, Stony Stratford, Bucks, England (1790)

Covenant of Baptist Association in Wales (1790)

J. Newton Brown Church Covenant (~1835) Note: this appears to be an earlier version of the more commonly known covenant.

J. Newton Brown Church Covenant (1853)

Covenant of The Baptist Quarterly (England) (1935

Other Baptist church covenants here (Note: this is a link to Baptist Church Covenants by Charles W. Deweese, now out of print. You will need to create an account to access, but it is free and, in my opinion, well worth the mild inconvenience).

Other Resources:


Deweese, Charles W. Baptist Church Covenants

Lumpkin, William L. and Bill J. Leonard. Baptist Confessions of Faith

McGlothlin, William Joseph. Baptist Confessions of Faith

Underhill, Edward Bean. Confessions of faith and Other Public Documents Illustrative of the History of the Baptist Churches of England in the 17th Century 

A variety of Particular Baptist reprints can be found at:,


Christian Creeds and Confessions

Reformed Reader

Tabular Comparisons of Reformed Confessions


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